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Civil Appeals and Litigation.

I have been a member of the Washington State Bar Association since 1978.  My practice involves general civil law.  Emphasized areas are appellate law, education law, and employment law.  The scope of my practice also includes business law, land use, discrimination, harassment, First Amendment claims and work before the Washington State Gambling Commission.  I have extensive experience in trial work, arbitration, administrative hearings and appeals before various courts and agencies in both state and federal forums.   Below are some representative appellate cases with which I have been associated.

Mithen v. Board of Trustees of Central Washington State College
23 Wn.App. 925 (1979)

Newschwander v. Board of Trustees Washington State Teachers Retirement System
94 Wn.2d 701 (1980)

Washington Educ. Ass'n v. Smith
96 Wn.2d 601 (1981)

Elliott v. Board of Trustees, Community College Dist. IX
29 Wn.App. 890 (1981)

Washington Educ. Ass'n v. State
97 Wn.2d 899 (1982)

Cooley v. Hollister
38 Wn.App. 447 (1984)

Keppeler v. Board of Trustees of Community College Dist. No.15

38 Wn.App. 729 (1984)

Sinnott v. Skagit Valley College
49 Wn.App. 878 (1987)

Abels v. Snohomish County Public Utility Dist. No.1
69 Wn.App. 542 (1993)

Dautel v. Heritage Home Center, Inc.
89 Wn.App. 148 (1997)

Leslie v. Verhey
90 Wn.App. 796 (1998)

Lane v. Central Puget Sound Growth Management Hearings Bd.
105 Wn.App. 1016 (Not Reported in P.3d 2001)

West Coast, Inc. v. Snohomish County
112 Wn.App. 200 (2002)

City of Arlington v. Central Puget Sound Growth Management Hearings Bd.
138 Wn.App. 1 (2007)

Stokes v. Anesthesia Associates of Monroe, PLLC
144 Wn.App. 1042 (Not Reported in P.3d, 2008)

City of Arlington v. Central Puget Sound Growth Management Hearings Bd.
164 Wn.2d 768 (2008)

Braswell v. Shoreline Fire Dept.
Slip Copy 2009 WL 3427350 (W.D.Wash. 2009)

Braswell v. Shoreline Fire Dept.
622 F.3d 1099 (9th Cir. 2010)

Kassa Ins. Services v. Pugh and RJC/CAK,
180 Wn.App. 1051 (Not Reported in P.3d, 2014)

City of Sunnyside v. Andreas Gonzalez
188 Wn.2d 600, 398 P.3d 1078 (2017)

City of Everett v. Public Employment Relations
11 Wn.App.2d 1 (2019), rev. den. 195 Wn.2d 1005 (2020)

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